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Ira Saul's law practice is based in Northern Virginia, serving Fairfax County, Arlington County, City of Alexandria, Prince William County, Loudoun County, Fauquier County and Stafford County. He appears in courts throughout Virginia.

Ira Saul’s law practice is primarily focused on representation of businesses and individuals in the areas of real property, general business matters, and information technology.

His business practice includes representation of small and mid-size public and private companies in the full business life cycle from incorporation through shareholder agreements, capital formation, and major business changes including sale, merger, acquisition, liquidation, dissolution, and if required, planning for distressed businesses. His practice includes both transactional work and litigation in state and federal courts, including bankruptcy court representation (limited to creditor side).

In his transactional practice he has represented buyers, sellers, lenders, brokers and salespersons, real estate developers, banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, hardware and software developers, licensors, licensees, government contractors, inventors, Internet service providers, Internet content providers, vendors of professional computer services including programmers and network engineers, computer equipment manufacturers, OEMs, value added resellers, software distributors, satellite imagery providers, and other individuals and companies.

He represents numerous daycare centers, and developers of daycare center properties in development, leasing, and disposition matters.

In his litigation practice he has represented parties in matters ranging from simple and complex landlord/tenant disputes to complex business litigation involving enforceability of non-competition covenants, non-disclosure agreements, business conspiracy, trade secret, and trade regulation issues.

His real property litigation experience includes complex disputes between adjoining landowners; enforcement of covenants; environmental issues; premises liability issues; insurance coverage disputes; commercial and residential landlord/tenant disputes representing shopping center, warehouse, and multi-family complex landlords, tenants, lenders, and adjoining parties; mechanics lien enforcement matters; zoning disputes; condemnations; adverse possession matters; and litigation of foreclosure issues for lenders, borrowers, and trustees.

His information technology litigation experience includes representation of employers, employees and independent contractors in non-competition covenant disputes, trade secret controversies, contract interference matters, and business conspiracy disputes; representation of prime contractors, sub-contractors, sub-subcontractors and third parties in a broad array of contract disputes; representation of government contractors in disappointed bidder matters; representation of Internet content providers and Internet service providers in disputes arising from their Internet business activities; and domain name and trademark disputes.

Saul’s information technology transaction practice includes negotiations of mergers, acquisitions, split-ups, GSA Schedule contracts, other government contracts on a state and federal level, and international transactions between and among companies and individuals in many facets of the computer business. In his transaction practice in the information technology arena he has represented software developers, vendors of computer hardware, vendors of major power systems, hardware manufacturers, value added resellers (VARs), Internet content providers, Internet service providers, Internet site development and management companies, satellite companies providing satellite imagery, and other related professionals.

He has negotiated complex software licensing transactions; multi-party licensing and sub-licensing transactions; multi-party software escrow transactions; local, campus, and wide area network management, service, and maintenance transactions; international licensing transactions; software bundling and cross-licensing transactions; purchases and sales of assets and stock; and numerous financings of software, hardware, and bandwidth assets.

Among Saul’s IT clientele he has been privileged to represent companies involved in a broad range of subject matter, including hardware manufacturers, geographic information systems (GIS), e-commerce companies, Internet content sites catering to varying interests, content management companies, on-line training organizations, network management companies, networking software developers and distributors, developers of software serving the telecommunications industry, satellite imagery providers including owners and lessees of satellites and re-sellers of imagery, OEMs and resellers of many computer products and services, and companies providing IT products and services to federal government agencies involving secret and compartmentalized information issues.  Saul’s clients are involved in many facets of IT innovation, including cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), Web 2.0, social networking, high volume data storage, and wireless technology.

Saul also represents a broad array of local small businesses in the hospitality industry, incuding owners of full service restaurants and fast-casual restaurant chains, businesses in the insurance industry, medical professionals, and a variety of retail businesses.

References will be provided upon request.